School Gardens

Keith Wilde, AmeriCorps/COMCorps Service Member, School Garden Coordinator

The School Gardens Program is a coordinated support system for Athens County public school gardens and curriculum integration. The specific directives are to:

1) coordinate communication and resource sharing between all school garden staff, after-school program coordinators and volunteers; 2)provide access to resources for school garden and curriculum needs, whether it be locating material for gardens, identifying funding opportunities and garden education curriculum that incorporate educational standards; 3) volunteer coordination to provide maintenance support during school break and throughout the school year.


Coolville Kindergardeners!!Discovery Garden is a CFI project offering garden experiences for students through existing after-school groups, such as Kids on Campus, Girl Power and Big Brothers, Big Sisters. CFI has many years of after-school programming collaboration with the Trimble School District, offering assistance with their school gardens and integrating them into the classroom.




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